7 March 2018

Ellex at American Glaucoma Society Meeting, New York City


Adelaide, Australia 7 March 2018 – Ellex Medical Lasers Limited (ASX:ELX), a global leader in medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, today announced that the company has successfully showcased its glaucoma products at the American Glaucoma Society (AGS) 2018 Annual Meeting in New York City, 1-3 March 2018.

The AGS Annual Meeting is the pre-eminent event for glaucoma specialists in the USA, comprising both a scientific program and a tradeshow exhibition. Approximately 1,100 physicians attended the 2018 meeting, an increase of 30% on the prior year, providing a strong platform for Ellex to continue its marketing drive targeting the global glaucoma market with its innovative products.

Highlights of the AGS 2018 Meeting included:

• Confirmation that the minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) market segment is a viable current and long term future alternative to pharmaceuticals for managing glaucoma with a strong emphasis on the role of MIGS discussed in the scientific program.

• Affirmation of the relatively uncapped growth potential of the MIGS device market as it currently makes up only US$300 million, as compared to the total global glaucoma market at US$5 billion.

• Ellex iTrack™ customers and key opinion leaders (KOL) Dr. Mahmoud A. Khaimi (Dean McGee Eye Institute, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma) and Dr. Mark J. Gallardo (El Paso Eye Surgeons, Texas) presented their 18-month and 24-month ABiC™ data respectively as part of the official AGS scientific program. This demonstrates long-term clinical efficacy.

• Ellex iTrack™ customer and Key Opinion Leader (“KOL”) Dr. Nathan Radcliffe (New York Eye Surgery Center, New York) hosted a live surgery session for ABiC™ at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Greater New York.

• Ellex’s exhibit as part of the tradeshow exhibition featured the Tango Reflex™, the Company’s premium combination laser for treating glaucoma, vitreous opacities (eye floaters) and post-cataract scar tissue. It also incorporated a series of interactive wet labs for Ellex iTrack™, the Company’s proprietary MIGS device. The Ellex exhibit recorded a 150% increase in delegate traffic, as compared to the 2017 meeting.

• Growing interest in the synergies between Ellex iTrack™ and Ellex Tango™ (glaucoma laser), as demonstrated by attendance at Ellex-sponsored educational symposia and events at the 2018 meeting.

Ellex maintains its position as the only company in the world to offer both a glaucoma treatment laser and a MIGS device. This unique combination of glaucoma laser and MIGS device figured extensively in the Company’s messaging and promotions during the meeting. Further, the meeting’s location in New York City enabled Ellex to promote its glaucoma treatment technologies in the region, which the Company has identified as a key growth region within the US market.


Ellex designs, develops, manufactures and sells innovative products that help eye surgeons around the world to effectively and efficiently treat eye disease. Ellex is a world leader in this field. Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, Ellex has ophthalmic lasers and devices that treat glaucoma, retinal disease primarily caused by diabetes, secondary cataract and vitreous opacities, as well as age-related macular degeneration. Manufacturing is carried out in Adelaide, Australia and Fremont, California. Sales and service directly to eye surgeons is conducted via subsidiary offices in Fremont, Minneapolis, Lyon, Berlin and Tokyo. A network of more than 50 distribution partners around the world services other markets.

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