31 July 2017

Milestone achieved for Ellex iTrackTM in China


310717 ELX Milestone achieved for Ellex iTrack in China-Final

– Ellex Medical Lasers Limited (ASX:ELX), a global leader in medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, today announced a significant milestone in its efforts to drive greater market penetration of the Company’s patented iTrackTM MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) device in China.

Ellex iTrackTM is currently the only MIGS device for the treatment of Glaucoma approved by the Chinese regulatory authority. The global market for Glaucoma treatment is experiencing a quantum shift away from pharmaceutical products (eye drops) that have traditionally been the only available treatment. The trend is expected to emerge in China.

Ellex is experiencing significant growth in the sales of iTrackTM elsewhere in the world and the Company believes its exclusive approval in China provides significant first mover advantage in this market.

Ellex has placed iTrackTM with 50 top tier government hospitals in China for clinical evaluation, including Beijing Tongren Hospital, the leading ophthalmic hospital in Beijing. The clinical evaluation program will allow doctors to trial iTrackTM on glaucoma patients, and provides for the provision of product and training of doctors on ABiCTM. It follows an extensive clinical training program at a number of leading teaching hospitals throughout the region in December 2016, undertaken by Ellex in collaboration with the Company’s local distribution partner, SHIBO.

According to Ellex CEO, Tom Spurling, the evaluation process marks a key step towards the adoption of iTrackTM as a routine treatment for glaucoma in China.

“Ellex iTrackTM is the only MIGS device approved for sale in China. The market for ophthalmic products in China is growing well and this trend is expected to apply to MIGS devices. With the clinical evaluation program now underway, we have a unique opportunity to take advantage of our first mover position in the Chinese market, and to cement the role of iTrackTM as the go-to- MIGS procedure in China,” said Mr. Spurling.

This milestone follows Ellex recently announcing its approval in China had been extended to June 2022. This provides Ellex with a platform to support investment in the market for long term growth.



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