Ellex is committed to helping you better diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of visual problems and eye diseases. Whether you are involved in the treatment and diagnosis of cataract, glaucoma or retinal disease, Ellex has a solution for your practice, and for your patients.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, SLT

SLT is a highly effective first-line therapy for glaucoma. It is also effective as adjunct therapy with drugs, and as alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail. Offering superior energy control, a sharp-edged aiming beam and the fastest firing rate at 3 shots per second, Ellex’s proprietary SLT technology allows you to visualize the TM in greater detail, and to perform procedures faster and with improved accuracy. Read More


ABiC™ is a new, comprehensive ab-interno MIGS procedure that flushes out the natural outflow channels, without damaging tissue, and without leaving behind a stent or shunt. Fast and easy to perform, ABiC™ comprehensively addresses all aspects of potential outflow resistance, including the collector channels. It is also the only MIGS procedure indicated for use outside cataract surgery in the USA.  Read More


Canaloplasty revitalizes aqueous outflow, provides excellent IOP control, and does not require a bleb or result in bleb-related complications – providing an unprecedented level of efficacy and safety in the surgical treatment of glaucoma. Read More

Laser Floater Removal, LFR

Laser floater removal (LFR) offers a simple outpatient-based treatment for vitreous opacities and strands. Highly effective, it has a low complication rate and offers a high degree of patient satisfaction. Featuring perfectly coaxial illumination and ultra-low energy optical breakdown, Ultra Q Reflex™ is the world’s first YAG laser optimized for laser floater removal. Read More


The tough demands of today’s new-generation intraocular lenses (IOLs) require an ever-increasing level of accuracy during YAG surgery. For this reason, Ellex YAG lasers feature state-of-the-art technology designed to achieve precise optical breakdown at the lowest energy levels possible. Read More


Ellex solid-state photocoagulators provide safe, predictable and consistent energy delivery through a true, continuous-wave laser beam. Offering superior energy distribution from beginning to end of exposure, and across the full diameter of the treatment spot, each system delivers consistently better performance in the treatment of retinal disease. Read More

Retinal Rejuvenation

A non-thermal laser therapy, Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy (2RT™) stimulates a natural, biological healing response in the eye to treat early Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). Read More


Ultrasound is one of the most fundamental diagnostic tools in ophthalmology. Even in an era of high-tech OCT scanning and digital imaging, ultrasound is the only means to obtain a crucial view of the posterior segment when there is a dense cataract or vitreous hemorrhage in the eye. Read More



The website www.glaucoma-SLT.com provides access to a comprehensive database of information, including treatment protocols and an interactive bibliography.


glaucoma itrack

Visit the website www.glaucoma-iTrack.com for an easy-to-understand introduction to glaucoma and ABiC, ab interno Canaloplasty.



The website www.floater-LFR.com provides a wealth of treatment information based on the experience of clinicians worldwide. Topics covered include how to qualify patients for treatment and optimal treatment techniques.