ABiC™ is a new, comprehensive MIGS procedure. Performed via a self-sealing, clear corneal incision, ABiC™ conserves the clinically proven benefits of 360-degree viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal provided by traditional Canaloplasty, but with the speed and ease of implementation of an MIGS procedure. Unlike other currently available MIGS procedures, however, ABiC™ preserves tissue and does not require permanent placement of an implant in the eye. It has also been shown to be effective as both a stand-alone procedure and as a combined procedure performed in conjunction with cataract surgery.

The most defining aspect of ABiC™ is its comprehensive approach. To date, ABiC™ is the only MIGS procedure that successfully and comprehensively addresses all aspects of potential outflow resistance. Whereas other MIGS procedures treat only one aspect of aqueous outflow, ABiC™ comprehensively accesses, catheterizes, and viscodilates the trabecular meshwork, Schlemm’s canal, and importantly, the distal outflow system, beginning with the collector channels.

Another hallmark of ABiC™ is that it does not involve a permanent implant or stent. Not only does this ensure a more simplified post-operative course, along with a reduced risk of possible complications, it is also well accepted by patients.

ABiC™ follows the same dilation principles of traditional Canaloplasty, but with the speed and efficiency of a MIGS procedure. Performed via a self-sealing, clear corneal incision, ABiC™ can be combined with cataract surgery in order to optimize time in the operating room, or performed as a stand-alone procedure.

ABiC™ is recommended early in the disease process, thus the primary indication is for patients with mild-to-moderate glaucoma. It can be considered a first-line option or for patients who have undergone laser trabeculoplasty and those who are non-compliant with medications. ABiC™ is also fast and easy to perform. And when combined with cataract surgery, ABiC™ adds only five minutes to the total operating time.

iTRACK™ 250 Microcatheter

Designed specifically for IOP reduction in patients with open-angle glaucoma, iTRACK™ 250 is the only illuminated, micron-scale microcatheter, which enables surgeons to effectively viscodilate Schlemm’s canal and to perform Canaloplasty.

Clinical Training and Support

Ellex provides comprehensive clinical training and support for each and every Canaloplasty user. The Canaloplasty Adoption Program (CAP) comprises onsite didactic and wet lab training on cadaver eyes, procedure mentoring for live surgery, and post-operative evaluations. Overseen by expert surgical trainers who are seasoned veterans of the operating theater, the CAP is designed to equip the adopting surgeon with the technical skills and knowledge needed for surgical preparation and intervention.

Meet the Expert

Video Interview with Mahmoud Khaimi, MD
Dean McGee Eye Institute (Oklahoma)

US glaucoma surgeon Dr. Khaimi, Dean McGee Eye Institute, University of Oklahoma, addresses the introduction of ABiC – an ab-interno MIGS procedure derived from traditional Canaloplasty.