Canaloplasty is a highly effective surgical technique for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. Minimally invasive, it uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to restore the function of the eye’s natural outflow system. This advanced approach delivers a significant degree of intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction by comprehensively opening up all components of the eye’s natural pathways – 1. trabecular meshwork, 2. Schlemm’s canal, and 3. collector channels and distal outflow. During the procedure, visco-dilation of Schlemm’s canal acts as a form of angioplasty and opens up the ostia of the collector channels, re-establishing outflow.

Clinical studies have shown that Canaloplasty, performed alone or in conjunction with phacoemulsification, can significantly and durably reduce IOP without the risks and discomfort associated with trabeculectomy. It can therefore be offered earlier in the disease process. Canaloplasty can also be used in conjunction with existing drug-based glaucoma treatments, after laser or after incisional surgery and does not preclude or affect the outcome of future surgery.

iTRACK™ Microcatheter

Designed specifically for IOP reduction in patients with open-angle glaucoma, iTRACK™ 250 is the only illuminated, micron-scale microcatheter, which enables surgeons to effectively viscodilate Schlemm’s canal and to perform Canaloplasty.

Clinical Training and Support

Ellex provides comprehensive clinical training and support for each and every Canaloplasty user. The Canaloplasty Adoption Program (CAP) comprises onsite didactic and wet lab training on cadaver eyes, procedure mentoring for live surgery, and post-operative evaluations. Overseen by expert surgical trainers who are seasoned veterans of the operating theater, the CAP is designed to equip the adopting surgeon with the technical skills and knowledge needed for surgical preparation and intervention.

Canaloplasty E-Book

A two-part series, the Canaloplasty E-Book brings together the industry’s leading Canaloplasty surgeons to provide clinical and practical insight.





Download the Canaloplasty E-Book

The website provides practical information for physicians and patients, addressing a number of topics ranging from patient selection to treatment protocol. It also features a comprehensive library of clinical videos and educational resources.