About Ultra Q

Considered to be the industry’s leading microsurgical YAG laser, Ultra Q™ features a patented, proprietary cavity and a custom power supply, which allow you to perform capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures at lower, more efficient power levels and with greater shot-to-shot consistency. It is also the world’s fastest YAG laser, with a firing rate of 3 shots per second.

IOL-Friendly Photodisruption

Ultra Q™ achieves the industry’s lowest energy optical breakdown at 1.8mJ (in air) to cut tissue more efficiently with fewer shots and less cumulative energy. Featuring an Ultra Gaussian beam profile, Ultra Q™ focuses more energy into the center of the beam profile to deliver greater energy density. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy needed to effectively perform capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments, it also greatly reduces the risk of lens pitting.

Capsulotomy for Presbyopic IOLs

A precise capsulotomy is essential for IOLs that correct presbyopia through implantation in the posterior chamber’s capsular bag. Good IOL centration, in terms of the pupil, optimizes lens performance. In contrast, decentration can cause halos and poor vision. The goal is a perfectly centered, precise capsulotomy that will not affect the tension of the bag and the position of the IOL in the visual axis. The precision and ultra-low energy optical breakdown provided by Ultra Q™ creates a capsulotomy opening that is precisely controlled, without causing damage to the lens – even if the lack of a ridge makes the capsule adhere to the optic.

Iridotomy for Phakic IOLs

Refractive IOLs that are designed to correct myopia, or hyperopia (also known as Phakic IOLs) can be placed in front of the iris or between the iris and the natural lens. To prevent any possibility of IOL-induced pupillary block, these lenses require peripheral iridotomies prior to surgery. The iridotomy aperture must be large enough to ensure a balanced aqueous flow, yet small enough so that no light is transmitted back to the pupil, which can cause double vision. Ultra Q™ enables you to create a precise size of the iridotomy, often in a single shot that uses lower energy than other YAG lasers.

Selective Capsulotomy

Selective Capsulotomy performed with Ultra Q™ can effectively address ACCS and PCCS associated with the implantation of accommodative IOLs – allowing refinement of refractive outcomes following IOL surgery.