Leading anterior segment surgeons and refractive surgeons choose the Ellex Ultra Q™ because of its superior Ultra Gaussian treatment beam and ultra-low optical breakdown, which results in less risk of lens pitting, more efficient tissue cutting with fewer shots, and less cumulative energy — particularly important when using today’s advanced IOL technology.

But don’t just take our word for it — here’s what your colleagues have to say about the Ultra Q™:

“In our practice locations, we have a total of five YAG lasers. The Ultra Q™ is my favorite. With this laser, an everyday task becomes quick, efficient and accurate. The ultra-precise aiming beam system and exquisite joystick focusing device on the Ultra Q™ allow you to hit your mark with a level of precision rarely experienced.”

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD — Bloomington, MN


“The Ultra Q laser is one of the latest innovations in precision I have seen. It enables me to place laser pulses in a precise and controlled fashion, that I have not seen with other lasers. Also, the system requires much lower energy for procedures than previous YAG lasers I have used. For me, the Ultra Q will be the next YAG technology I will add to my clinic.”

Karl Stonecipher, MD — Greensborough, NC


“I use the laser for YAG goniopuncture for post non penetrating procedures. The key difference is the ability of the UltraQ to precisely cut where you want without collateral damage. No pit and clean cuts of membranes is easily achieved. “

E. Randy Craven, MD — Littleton, CO


“Even in the best of hands lenses can pit. No laser has provided me the exquisite control over energy delivery that the Ultra Q does. Capsulotomies and iridotomies can now be accomplished more safely with far less energy per pulse and fewer pulses.”

Herman Sloane, MD — Chicago, IL


“It has been my pleasure to use the Ultra Q YAG laser manufactured by Ellex since its installation at Emory in August of 2007. It has performed admirably without problem. I find it easy to use and would recommend it without qualification.”

R. Doyle Stulting, MD, PhD — Atlanta, GA


“Our success with ICLs has greatly improved since we started using the Ellex Ultra Q for peripheral iridotomies. The laser provides safe and precise iris tissue cutting at much lower pain levels than what patients normally experience with other lasers. Less pigment dispersion makes the Ultra Q my laser of choice, especially when working with dark irises.”

Andrew Rabinowitz, MD — Phoenix, AZ