Laser Floater Removal

Also known as floater laser treatment or laser floater removal, laser vitreolysis is a highly effective outpatient-based procedure that can eliminate the visual disturbance caused by vitreous strands and opacities, commonly referred to as floaters.

Virtually every individual has experienced or will experience the visual shadows caused by “floaters” during their lifetime. For most, this event is a minor and short-lived inconvenience, but for a select few, it can become a disabling condition. Clinical studies have shown laser vitreolysis to be a highly effective and safe treatment in the majority of patients with symptomatic floaters.

Considered by many to be the industry’s leading multi-modality YAG laser, Ultra Q Reflex™ offers an innovative solution for the treatment of vitreous strands and opacities. It also enables you to perform capsulotomy procedures at ultra-low energy levels, making it ideal for use with new generation IOLs.

Tango Reflex™ combines multiple treatment platforms – SLT for glaucoma, laser vitreolysis for floaters, and capsulotomy and iridotomy treatments – in a single, advanced laser system.

The website offers a wealth of practical information for physicians, addressing a number of topics ranging from patient selection to treatment protocol. It also includes patient education resources.