A Pattern and Wavelength for Every Pathology

Whether accurately positioning focal treatment in the macular area, or performing PRP in the periphery, Integre Pro Scan™ provides a pattern and wavelength for every pathology.

The system offers a comprehensive array of pattern combinations: shape, size, and rotation can be fully customized in order to best meet your clinical requirements. Patterns of up to 16 spots can be delivered sequentially, as well as single spots. In addition, the system’s computer-controlled operation ensures precise pattern spacing and consistent shaping of laser spots and patterns for more accurate, consistent treatment results.

Integre Pro Scan™ also provides a number of wavelength configurations, including two dual-wavelength configurations. This includes a high-power yellow and red configuration that delivers the full treatment spectrum of a traditional three-color
multi-color photocoagulator.

  1. yellow-red configuration (561 nm and 670 nm)
  2. green-red configuration (532 nm and 670 nm)
  3. green configuration (532 nm)
  4. yellow configuration (561 nm)

Pattern Selection


Wavelength Selection


Predictable Treatment Outcomes

A proprietary ZenTec™ laser cavity delivers uniform energy distribution across the full diameter of the spot, eliminating hotspots and achieving optimal homogenous burns – delivering consistent, predictable treatment outcomes over a number of different operating conditions.

Image courtesy of Dimitri Yellachich, MD (Australia)


Designed to Maximize Your Workflow

Unlike other photocoagulator systems, which require an external dichroic or fixed mirror in order to connect the laser to the slit lamp, Integre Pro Scan’s unique, all-ine-one laser/slit lamp design channels the laser directly through the slit lamp optics. The end result is better visualization and optimal illumination. In addition, this integrated design minimizes system downtime, because there are no exposed fiber optic or electrical cables.