About Eye One

The Eye One™ is a portable ultrasound platform that offers full coverage of all examination and measurement modes in an easy to use, compact design. The device offers the same horsepower and precision imaging as Ellex’s industry-leading Eye Cubed™, built into a compact, portable platform.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

From diagnostic A-Scan to high-frequency B-Scan, Eye One™ can be configured to cover all of your diagnostic ultrasound needs for both the posterior and anterior segments. In posterior B-Scan mode, Eye One™ detects the subtlest vitreous echoes, offering unparalleled distinction between the retina, choroid and sclera, as well as the vitreo retinal junction. In anterior 40 MHz UBM wide-field mode, Eye One™ allows you to precisely view the entire anterior segment in identifying causes of glaucoma-related disease, and to accurately and consistently measure key parameters of the angle.

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Ultrasound On The Move

A truly portable ultrasound platform, Eye One™ comprises a slim line console designed for easy transportation between clinics and comes standard with a carry case. Easy-to-use, it is designed to interface with a number of off-the-shelf Full HD notebook computers (*).

Essential Technology for Your Practice

Even in an era of high-tech OCT scanning and digital imaging, ultrasound is the only means to obtain a crucial view of the posterior segment when there is a dense cataract or vitreous hemorrhage in the eye – making it one of the most fundamental diagnostic tools in ophthalmology. Detection of disorders like posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) in opaque ocular media is easily achieved with B-Scan ultrasound.

Innovative Imaging

Since acquiring Sacramento-based ophthalmic ultrasound pioneers Innovative Imaging Inc. in 2006, Ellex has been working hard to provide ever-increasing value to our Eye Cubed customers – and to develop our ultrasound technology platform. With the support of personalized, clinical ultrasound applications training by expert ecographers, Eye Cubed™ offers a total solution for your practice – and for your patients.

Ophthalmic Edge

Visit the comprehensive online diagnostic teaching tool created by Yale Fisher, MD, to access lectures, monographs and cases studies covering a range of diagnostic technologies, including ultrasound and OCT.