SLT: Overview

SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) is a highly effective laser therapy for the treatment of glaucoma. A repeatable, non-invasive treatment, SLT uses short pulses of relatively low-energy, 532nm light to selectively target and irradiate the pigmented (melanin) cells in the trabecular meshwork (TM) to stimulate a process of cellular regeneration. As the normal function of the TM is restored, IOP is reduced. This process occurs differently from patient to patient, but typically takes place within one week following treatment.

SLT is a highly effective first-line therapy. It is also effective as adjunct therapy with drugs, and as alternative therapy when drugs or surgery fail. Most importantly, SLT enables you to take control of your patients’ glaucoma treatment without the compliance issues and side effects associated with drug therapy.

SLT works by a process known as selective photothermolysis, which refers to the absorption of energy by a chromophore in a period of time below its thermal relaxation time (TRT), or the amount of time it takes for the heat absorbed during a laser pulse to dissipate. Because the short, three-nanosecond pulse duration of SLT is well below the one-microsecond TRT of TM tissue, heat does not disseminate outside the affected cell and the TM architecture is preserved.

Quick and Easy to Perform

SLT is a relatively quick and easy outpatient-based procedure. During treatment, approximately 50 confluent spots are placed along the meshwork to treat a 180-degree angle.

SLT is not “ALT Lite”

SLT achieves the desired therapeutic effect whilst avoiding the coagulative damage that is associated with argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT). Unlike ALT, it achieves a sustained IOP reduction over the long-term and can be repeated, if needed.

High Benefit-Risk Ratio

When you consider the risk of complications and side effects associated with SLT versus other glaucoma therapies, SLT has one of the highest benefit-to-risk ratios of all ophthalmic procedures.

A More Economical Approach

SLT has been found to be a more economical approach when compared to topical medications. Not only can SLT alleviate the ongoing expense of medications for the patient, but it also offers significant economic benefit for the wider healthcare system.


A highly effective primary therapy option, especially in non-compliant patients or in patients who have difficulty taking medications, SLT can also be used to reduce the number of medications required to control IOP – and thereby free your patients from the compliance issues and side effects associated with medications.

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