2 September 2016

Ellex to Launch Eye One Ultrasound System at ESCRS 2016

Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd will unveil the newest member of its ultrasound portfolio at the upcoming Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) being held 10-14 September, 2016 at the Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. The Eye One™ is a portable ultrasound platform that offers full coverage of all examination and measurement modes in an easy to use, compact design. The device offers the same horsepower and precision imaging as Ellex’s industry-leading Eye Cubed™, built into a compact, portable platform.

Ultrasound plays a fundamental role in the diagnosis and monitoring of ophthalmic disorders. It is also increasingly used in the diagnosis of systemic disorders. For example, diabetes is often diagnosed by an eye doctor because the patient starts experiencing visual changes. However, even in an age of high-tech OCT scanning and state-of-the-art digital imaging, ultrasound often is the only way to obtain a view of the posterior segment.

Eye One – Key Features
The device comprises a sleek, slim line console interfaced with a high definition notebook computer. Every detail is designed to provide in-depth information at the touch of a button, easily and intuitively. The Eye One™ also allows the user to save detailed movies to share with patients and colleagues, while its innovative, robust design and customized carry case makes Eye One™ the ideal ultrasound for the ophthalmologist on the move.
The Eye One™ incorporates customized A-Scan and B-Scan modes which make the device suitable for both retinal sub-specialists and anterior segment surgeons. For cataract surgeons, the immersion A-Scan feature offers added peace of mind. The technology eliminates compression of the cornea, permitting the ultrasound waves to transmit through dense cataracts. Despite the many advances in other forms of imaging technology during recent years, this type of ultrasonography remains a vital tool for surgeons.

B-Scan imaging of the posterior segment provides a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of the eye that has proven its value in the diagnosis and monitoring of vitreoretinal conditions. Posterior B-Scan imaging is useful in helping to identify structures that physicians may not
ordinarily see with direct examination using slit-lamp or ophthalmoscope techniques. For example, in a patient with a complaint of floaters, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether or not he/she has a posterior vitreous detachment, and while it can be clinically
determined in some cases by slit-lamp or ophthalmoscope, the B-Scan serves to help provide confirmation or even make the initial diagnosis in some cases.

The system’s wide-field anterior segment B-Scan gives practitioners an unprecedented view of the entire lens apparatus, including zonules and ciliary muscles, areas nearly impossible to visualize with other ultrasound devices. Such detail is possible because the Eye One™ (along with its sister product, the Eye Cubed™) incorporates the industry’s leading signal-tonoise ratio which reduces noise to a minimum, allowing the device to pick up echoes from even the smallest anomalies in the eye. Much like standard television versus highdefinition television, standard B-Scan imaging with ultrasound is generally adequate, but for clearer and sharper imaging, and subsequently better accuracy, high-resolution is vital. With the additional capability of video capturing, the advanced ultrasound system can be used to determine ocular structures more clearly and allows patients to better understand their condition. The Eye One’s real-time B-Scan display also enables the operator to see the vasculature and movement of membranes to facilitate diagnosis.

Andrzej Dmitriew, MD, a leading ophthalmologist from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland, has undertaken an extensive clinical validation of the Eye One™ system and will be available for interview regarding the Eye One™ during ESCRS 2016. To make an appointment, please email: kommunica@medeuronet.com


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