4 September 2012

Ellex Takes Active Role in IAPB, Supports Fight Against Blindness


Ellex Medical, a manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic technology for use in the fight against blindness, today announced that it will participate in the 9th General Assembly of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) in Hyderabad, India, 17-20 September.

Founded in 1975, the IAPB is a global initiative dedicated to blindness prevention, comprising more than 100 member countries.

According to IAPB statistics, nearly 80% of blindness worldwide is preventable. Furthermore, blindness affects the less developed world disproportionately: of the estimated 45 million people worldwide who suffer from blindness, up to 90 percent live in developing countries.

Held every four years, the general assembly of the IAPB provides a forum to address key issues in the prevention of blindness.

Leading SLT proponent and member of the Ellex Medical Advisory Board, Michael Belkin, PhD, Tel Aviv University, Israel, has been accepted to address IAPB delegates regarding the role of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) for the treatment of glaucoma in developing countries.

Traditionally, medication has been the standard first-line treatment option for glaucoma. However, anti-glaucoma medications are expensive and require the patient to take daily doses of medication for the rest of their lives.

“In developing countries, glaucoma drugs are often unavailable or usually prohibitively expensive, far exceeding the daily wage of patients,” said Prof. Belkin.

“In addition, compliance with medication (remembering to instill drops at least once a day) is very poor, which limits its effectiveness.”

Based on an extensive review of medical literature comparing the long-term efficacy and safety of SLT with medication and other glaucoma treatment modalities, Prof. Belkin’s IAPB address will recommend SLT as an effective, cost-effective treatment solution for glaucoma, particularly in countries with limited access to health care services.

“SLT is as effective as single-dose anti-hypertensive topical glaucoma medication in all forms of glaucoma, and in all populations,” commented Prof. Belkin.

“Furthermore, it is also cost-effective and does not require patient compliance – making it well suited to communities with limited access to ophthalmic services.”

Prof. Belkin will present his findings on Monday, 17 September 2012. For more information about the role of SLT in glaucoma management, visit Ellex SLT website www.slt-ellex.com


Ellex (Ellex Medical Lasers Limited) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of ophthalmic laser and ultrasound systems used by ophthalmologists to diagnose and treat eye disease. With more than 16,000 systems delivered to the market, Ellex has evolved since 1985 from a manufacturing company of primarily OEM products, to direct marketing of its own branded products through subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Germany and Australia, and a network of distribution partners in more than 100 countries.