About Solitaire: Designed for Versatility

Solitaire™ can be configured for the clinic, the operating room, or both – with dual fiber ports, programmable procedure memory, and compatibility with a wide variety of industry-standard slit lamp and surgical microscope delivery systems.

Clinic Solution

Teamed with the Ellex 30XL™ slit lamp, Solitaire™ provides optimal illumination of the fundus and superior peripheral viewing. The result is better diagnosis and treatment of retinal disease. Solitaire™ is also available with a range of industry leading slit lamps.

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OR Solution

Compact and reliable, Solitaire™ offers multiple delivery options for use in the OR, including endophotocoagulation and LIO. A Dual Fiber Port Configuration allows you to switch between delivery devices at the touch of a button, while a Programmable Procedure Memory ensures quick, easy treatment.