iTrack™ Microcatheter

  • Illuminated, micron-scale microcatheter.
  • Illuminated tip for transscleral visualization during 360 degree cannulation, allowing surgeon to monitor location of catheter tip at all times.
  • Choice of intermittent “blinking” or “constant” illumination.
  • Small-gauge support wire for greater control during advancement through the Schlemm’s canal.
  • Infusion lumen for the controlled delivery of viscoelastic.
  • Round, bolus atraumatic tip and lubricious coating to minimize trauma to Schlemm’s canal during catheterization.


  • Viscoelastic injector which attaches to iTrack microcatheter.
  • Manually operated for precision delivery of viscoelastic.
  • Tactile and audible knob: clicks evert 1/8 turn (as per Canaloplasty protocol); alignment marks to guide priming and use.


  • Portable laser diode illumination source.
  • Proprietary connector for use with iTrack microcatheter.