The Ellex 30XL™ laser slit lamp combines a unique 10-degree convergence angle of viewing paths with high-resolution optics to create better depth perception and an improved stereo angle for superior peripheral retina viewing.

Magnification: 5x, 8x, 12.5x, 20x, 31x with 12.5x eyepieces (±5 D compensation range)
Field of View: 45-7 mm in diameter
Stereoscopic Angle: 10 degrees
Working Distance: 119 mm, exit prism/patient’s eye
Illumination: 12 V, 30 W halogen lamp, more than 150,000 lux
Brightness: continuously adjustable
Slit Width: 0-10 mm, continuously adjustable
Slit Rotation: ±90 degrees
Weight: 14 kg, 31 lbs.
Slit Decentration: ±7 degrees horizontal
Filters: Heat Absorb (HA); Red-Free (G); Cobalt Blue (B)